Dunlop Latex Mattress – Benefits, How They’re Made & Who Should Buy One

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What is a Dunlop Latex Mattress? How are they made? And, what are their key benefits? Whether you are looking for a natural and eco-friendly mattress or a comfortable and supportive bed, a Dunlop latex mattress could be just what you need. Below we cover everything you need to know about Dunlop latex mattresses so you can decide if they are the right mattress for you. If you want to get to something quickly – click on the links below.

What Is a Dunlop Latex Mattress?

Benefits of Dunlop Latex Mattress

How Are They Made?

Who Are They Good For?

What Is a Talalay Latex Mattress?

Natural, Organic & Synthetic Latex

What Is a Dunlop Latex Mattress?

man sitting on edge of a dunlop latex mattress

A Dunlop latex mattress is a special type of latex mattress made using the Dunlop manufacturing process. This manufacturing method was first introduced in the late 1920s and is still in use today. The mattresses are made using natural latex rubber, sourced from the rubber tree.

The latex rubber is whipped into a foam before being poured into a mold in a single pour. The mold is then baked to vulcanize the rubber, giving the mattress its durability and structural integrity. And, they are eco-friendly as they are made using a sustainable, natural, and bio-degradable material.

Dunlop mattresses are prized for their supportive cushioning, temperature regulation, and pressure-relieving properties. They are a popular choice among consumers who are looking for a high-quality mattress at a lower cost than Talalay latex mattresses.

Benefits of Dunlop Latex Mattress

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What are the benefits of Dunlop latex mattresses? Dunlop mattresses deliver superb pressure-relieving comfort, reliable support, and are made from a completely natural material. Below we take a look at the features of Dunlop mattresses that have made them one of the most enduringly popular mattress types for almost 100 years.

Excellent Comfort

Dunlop latex mattresses are renowned for their consistent comfort and gentle cushioning. The natural responsiveness of latex rubber allows the mattress to contour to the shape of the body and deliver personalized cradling comfort for every individual. Their unique comfort levels are the single greatest reason Dunlop latex mattresses remain so consistently popular.

Supportive Feel

Latex Dunlop mattresses also deliver superb support. Dunlop mattresses have a firm feel compared to Talalay mattresses and this makes them a better option for people that favor a supportive mattress. They are a great choice for people looking for reliable lumber support and good spinal alignment.

Impressive Durability

Dunlop mattresses are also incredibly durable. Properly cared for, a high-end mattress will last for 15-20 years without suffering sagging or losing shape. Latex rubber is a naturally resilient material and bounces back to its original shape after being pressed into by body weight and pressure. They are an excellent long-term investment.

Temperature Regulation

Dunlop latex mattresses are breathable. They facilitate the movement of air through the latex foam of the mattress. This means warm air can escape the surface of the mattress and be replaced by cooler air while you sleep. Temperature regulation is an important feature for people that tend to sleep hot and those that live in warmer climates.


The latex used to make the mattresses is a 100% natural and sustainable material. Sourced from the sap of rubber trees it is a renewable resource and can be harvested without causing harm to the tree. Latex rubber is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and is a good choice for individuals that wish to reduce their carbon footprint.


Another advantage of a Dunlop latex mattress is its price. These mattresses are cheaper compared to Talalay latex mattresses. The Dunlop manufacturing process is simpler and involves fewer steps. This means there are fewer costs and the mattress comes with a smaller price tag- great news for those of us on a budget.


Latex is a naturally hypoallergenic material. It is resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew – all the nasty critters that trigger allergic reactions. Dunlop latex mattresses are great for people that suffer from allergies and struggle to find a suitable mattress material. However, they should be avoided by those who suffer from a latex allergy.

Responsive Movement

Another key benefit of Dunlop mattresses is their responsive movement. The latex foam has a natural bounce and springs back into shape when pressure is removed. This responsive movement makes it easier to move around the surface of the bed, change sleeping position, and get in and out of bed – great for people with limited mobility.

Motion Isolation

They also demonstrate excellent motion isolation. Movement in one section of the mattress tends to be isolated to that area. This is in contrast to a spring or hybrid mattress where movement travels greatly from one area to another. Motion isolation is great for couples and light sleepers as motion on one side of the bed causes little movement on the other side.

Can Be Flipped

Did you know a Dunlop latex mattress can be flipped? That’s right, you can sleep on either sleeping surface. And, even better, each side has a different firmness level. Because a latex Dunlop mattress is constructed in a single pour and not vacuum sealed like a Talalay mattress, the heavier latex foam settles at the bottom of the mattress. And, the lighter fluffier foam settles on the top.

This results in a mattress that has a top side with a softer cushioning feel and a bottom side with a more firm supportive feel. Depending on your preference you can choose whichever side feels best for you.

Customizable Firmness

The Dunlop process allows for mattresses to be manufactured in a range of firmness levels. The procedure can be tweaked to create a foam of varying resistance and softness. This means there’s a Dunlop foam mattress out there for all sleeping preferences.


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How Are They Made?

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Latex Dunlop mattresses are made using a simple manufacturing process with fewer steps compared to Talalay mattress production. It is the original manufacturing method for latex mattresses and was first introduced in 1929. The primary stages involved are latex foam production, pouring and molding, oven baking, and washing.


Natural latex rubber is harvested from beneath the bark of the rubber tree. Small cuts are made into the bark and cups are tied to the tree to collect the latex as it seeps free. It is a natural renewable source and responsible harvesting causes no lasting damage to the trees.

latex being extracted from a rubber tree

Latex Foaming

The latex is then mixed with a small amount of foaming agent and whipped mechanically to create a light frothy foam that can be easily poured. This mixture can be customized for firmness by adjusting the ratio of latex rubber to foaming agent.

Pouring & Molding

Once the foam froth has been prepared it is poured into a mold in a single pour. The mold is completely filled, unlike in the Talalay production process. And, there is no vacuum sealing. The latex is allowed to settle naturally under the effects of gravity, creating a bottom-heavy mattress.

Oven Baking

Next up, the mold is placed in an oven and baked. The heat vulcanizes the rubber, removes excess moisture, and locks the shape of the mattress in place. It is this step that delivers the Dunlop mattress’s incredible durability.


Once the mattress is removed from the oven it is allowed to cool and then washed to remove debris and impurities. The mattress is then dried and reviewed for quality assurance purposes.

Fabric Covering

Before the mattress hits the market it is encased in a fabric covering. The covers are usually made from natural wool and cotton mixtures. Wool provides flame retardant properties and the cotton a gentle soft-to-touch feel.

Who Are They Good For?

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Who Are Dunlop latex mattresses good for? Should you buy one? If you are considering buying a Dunlop latex mattress it’s important you understand who they work best for before you part with your hard-earned cash.

People Who Want Contouring Comfort

The single greatest advantage of a latex Dunlop mattress is its unique feel and superb comfort. They are a great choice for individuals that want a mattress with contouring support that shapes around the body. And, a mattress that delivers excellent responsive movement and support.

People Who Tend to Sleep Hot

Dunlop latex mattresses are great for people that tend to sleep hot. If you’re a hot sleeper you’ll understand the importance of choosing a mattress that facilitates airflow. These mattresses allow warm air to escape the mattress surface and be replaced with cooler air as you sleep.

Couples & Light Sleepers

They’re also a great choice for couples and light sleepers. Dunlop latex mattresses demonstrate excellent motion isolation. A movement made on one side of the bed can be felt only lightly on the other.

People Who Want an Eco-Friendly Mattress

Dunlop mattresses are made from a 100% natural material, latex rubber. If you are looking for an eco-friendly mattress that minimizes your carbon footprint – they are an excellent option. Latex is a renewable, sustainable resource and is completely biodegradable.

People Who Want Firmness Options

A Dunlop mattress is a great choice for people that want to be able to choose between two firmness options. Dunlop mattresses are ‘bottom heavy’. One side has a firmer more supportive feel, while the other provides a softer cushioning feel. All you have to do is flip the mattress and choose the side that feels better to you.

People Who Want a Mattress That Will Last Many Years

A Dunlop mattress will last many years. Latex rubber is an incredibly durable material and the a high-end latex mattress last 15-20 years if treated with care. These mattresses are a great choice for individuals that want to make a long-term investment in their sleeping comfort.

People Who Suffer From Allergies

Dunlop latex mattresses are a great choice for people that tend to suffer from allergies. Latex rubber is naturally resistant to dust mites, mold, and mildew – the nasty microbes that trigger allergic reactions. However, they are not a good choice for people that have a latex allergy.

What About Talalay Latex Mattresses?

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Dunlop is not the only option when it comes to a latex mattress. Talalay latex mattresses offrer an alternative. These mattresses are produced using a more complex manufacturing technique but are also made using natural latex rubber. Talalay latex mattresses tend to be lighter, softer, and have a uniform feel throughout the mattress. For more, check out – What Is a Talalay Latex Mattress?

Natural, Organic & Synthetic Latex

Most Dunlop mattresses are made using natural latex. However, you can also choose from organic, synthetic, and blended latex options. But what are they? Let’s take a look.

different types of latex foam used in making latex mattresses

Natural Latex

The majority of Dunlop mattresses are made using 100% natural latex and have the certification to back up those claims. Natural latex is sourced naturally from the sap of the rubber tree.

Organic Latex

Organic latex is simply natural latex that has been produced using trees that were farmed without using synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or other chemicals.

Synthetic Latex

Synthetic latex is made using petrochemicals and does not contain any natural latex. It is a cheaper alternative and is designed to mimic the look and feel of natural latex.

Blended Latex

Blended latex simply uses a mixture of natural and synthetic latex. It is cheaper than fully natural latex but lacks durability and is not an eco-friendly option.


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