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We review the best hybrid mattresses of 2024.  Looking for a new hybrid mattress?  Check out our independent reviews and buyer’s guide and find your dream hybrid mattress today.



Hybrid mattresses combine multiple mattress technologies to deliver a unique blend of soft cushioning comfort, pressure relief, and responsive support.  We’ve rounded up the best hybrids of 2024, see below.

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helix midgnight hybrid mattress overview and overall rating

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dreamcloud premier hybrid mattress overview and overall rating


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To make things easy and help you find your perfect hybrid mattress – we’ve broken the best hybrid mattresses down into categories.  This way you can easily choose a mattress that meets your individual needs.


Are you considering buying a hybrid mattress? Let us walk you through the main points to consider when weighing up your options. Our buyer’s guide will help you choose the perfect hybrid mattress for you.

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Hybrid mattresses are made from a wide combination of materials. And, to ensure you choose a comfortable and durable mattress it’s vital you choose one that uses high-quality materials.

Quality hybrid mattresses don’t come cheap – since they combine multiple mattress types. In general, if you want to get something that is well built and is going to last you should avoid cheap models.

Take a look at the materials used in the foam comfort layer. Natural latex will last longer than synthetic varieties. Also, the addition of gel or graphite to the foam will boost its air cooling qualities

The support layer is made from coiled springs. Take a look at the type of coils used. Pocketed and bonnell coil structures provide greater comfort than offset coils.

Also, take a look at the ‘coil count’ and ‘coil gauge’. Mattresses with a higher coil count provide greater support and comfort. We recommend avoiding mattresses below a coil count of 300.

Coil count refers to the number of coils in the mattress.  And, coil gauge tells you how hard or soft the mattress feels. The lower the coil gauge number, the firmer the mattress. More on this below.


The comfort foam layer of a hybrid mattress can be made from memory, latex, or poly foam. Some newer models use gel foam. This type of foam has had gel added to boost airflow and cooling effect.

Memory foam is a dense type of foam layer that softens over time. Your body gets that ‘hugging’ feeling as it sinks down into it. However, it’s known to trap heat and makes some people feel too warm.

Latex is another good option. It has more movement than memory foam and has a bouncy airy feel. It doesn’t trap heat as much and is a better choice for the cooling effect. We recommend natural latex over synthetic.

Poly foam is a cheaper alternative to memory foam and latex. It is the type of foam most commonly found in hybrid mattresses due to its low cost. It can be made to varying densities but in general, is softer than memory foam.


The support layer of a hybrid is made up of one or two layers of sprung coils. This is the type of coil you’ll find in a regular mattress.

There are four types of coils used in sprung mattresses – pocketed coils, bonnell coils, offset coils, and continuous wire coils. Pocketed coils, bonnell coils, and offset coils provide the greatest level of comfort and support – and are the type we recommend.

Continuous wire coils are cheaper. So, if you’re on a budget this type of mattress may be a good option. But, don’t expect the same level of comfort or support.

As mentioned above, you need to take a look at the coil count and coil gauge. Coil count tells you how many spring coils are in the mattress. The higher the better. We recommend going for a mattress with at least 300 coils.

Coil gauge tells you how firm or soft a mattress is. A low coil gauge means the mattress has a firm feel. And, a high coil gauge means it is soft.

Mattresses with a coil gauge of 12-13 feel firm. While mattresses with a score of 14-15 will feel softer. In general, 15 is the softest mattress you will find.

Also, hybrid mattresses can come with one or two layers of coiled spring. We recommend going for a mattress that has two spring coil layers. These provide the greatest level of comfort and support.


A hybrid mattress strikes a balance between the softness of a foam top layer and the support of a coil lower layer. They are softer than a regular innerspring mattress and firmer than an all-foam mattress.

If you want the soft comfort of a latex or memory foam mattress but with some movement responsiveness and support – then this is the mattress for you.

Most mattress suppliers rank firmness on a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being the softest and 10 being the most firm mattress. Most hybrid mattresses score a 6/10 on this scale.

If you prefer something a little more firm you should try a 7/10. And, if a soft mattress is your preference check out a 5/10. In general, hybrids are firmer than memory foam mattresses and softer than innerspring models.  Check out the best hybrid and innerspring mattresses on this list if you want a more traditional feel.

Some mattress brands offer their products in a range of firmness levels. This means the same mattress is available in different ranges of firmness and softness. If this is the case you can pick a firmness rating that is perfect for you.


Hybrid mattresses sleep cooler than all-foam mattresses. The coil section beneath allows air to circulate and relieve the build-up of heat. Memory foam mattresses do not have this effect and can feel very warm.

If cool effect is important for you, you should look for a hybrid mattress that has additional cooling features. Go for a mattress that has a cooling gel added to the foam layer. This improves heat dissipation.

Also, choose latex ahead of memory foam if you want to stay cool. Although memory foam is great for comfort it performs poorly when it comes to a cool sleep. Memory foam hugs around your body and has an insulating effect.

Finally, natural latex is a better choice than synthetic if you want to avoid heat build-up. It will cost a little extra, but it’s the best performer when it comes to providing a cool night’s sleep.


What is your preferred sleeping position? Are you a side sleeper, back sleeper, or stomach sleeper? Your sleeping position should influence the type of hybrid mattress you decide to go for.

Side Sleepers – should prioritize comfort. Sleeping on your side means your body weight is resting on a relatively small footprint. This means you want a mattress that will allow your body to sink into it. We recommend leaning towards a softer hybrid mattress for hip, shoulder, and side comfort.

Back Sleepers – should go for something a little firmer. A back sleeper needs more support to provide comfort for the hips and back. You don’t want to sink too low when sleeping on your back. We recommend a more firm comfort layer for back sleepers.

Stomach Sleepers – similar to a back sleeper, we recommend a firmer mattress for a stomach sleeper. Here you want a mattress that provides sufficient hip support to prevent you from sinking too deep into the foam layer.


Hybrid mattresses are not cheap. And, if you want to get one of the best hybrid mattresses we advise avoiding the budget options as they are made with cheap materials and perform poorly.

A good quality queen hybrid mattress will cost in the region of $1,000-$2,000. A king-size will be on the higher end of this scale and can even push well beyond $2,000.  The best hybrid mattress reviews above are all competitively priced.

At the end of the day, you get what you pay for. Just make sure you do get what you pay for and are not getting ripped off. Don’t fork out top dollar prices without checking the product specification and making sure you are getting value for money.

A hybrid mattress is a great long-term investment. They are incredibly comfortable and durable. The best hybrid mattresses will easily last 10 years before they begin to deteriorate. When you factor in 10 years of comfortable sleeps they are well worth the money.


A hybrid mattress combines the benefits of a foam mattress with those of a coiled mattress. The top layer is made of soft cushioning foam, and beneath are one or two layers of coiled springs.

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The foam layer is made from latex, memory, or poly foam and should be at least two inches thick. Hybrid mattresses marry together the soft comfort of foam with the support and responsive movement of sprung coils. For more information, see our guide – What is a Hybrid Mattress?


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The key advantage of a hybrid mattress is the balance it strikes between a foam and traditional spring mattress bed. It brings together the advantages of both and provides both soft cushioning with ample support and bounce.

The top foam layer allows your body to sink into the soft cushioning material. And, the coiled springs beneath provide strong support, bounce, and responsive movement. This means you can easily change your sleeping position during the night.


Hybrids are renowned for their cooling effect. All-foam mattresses, such as memory foam, can become warm during the night. This is due to the insulating effect of your body sinking deep into the foam bed and heat becoming trapped.

This build-up of heat is relieved in a hybrid mattress thanks to the innerspring coils beneath the foam. The gaps between the springs facilitate air movement which dissipates heat from the foam layer above.


Hybrid mattresses are great for responsive movement. While the foam layer above takes care of cushioned comfort, the bouncy layer below provides support and bounce. This means you can turn and adjust your position more easily.

An all-foam mattress does not provide the same level of responsive movement. They can be difficult to move in – especially for heavy people. The body sinks into the foam fabric and turning or repositioning can be a struggle.


The best hybrid mattresses are durable. They are an excellent long-term investment and you can expect to get a high comfort level out of them for up to 10 years.

The best hybrids are built using high-quality materials such as natural latex foam, memory foam, pocketed coils, and bonnell coils. They provide long-lasting sleeping comfort.


Hybrids provide excellent cushioned support for backs, hips, and joints. The unique support system provides pressure relief for all sleeping positions – back, side, and stomach sleepers.

The soft foam comfort layer cradles the weight of your body providing relief to tired and sore joints. And, the coil lower layer provides strong underlying support to prevent you from lying too deep in the foam.


The best hybrid mattress beds are made using high-quality materials. We advise choosing only a product that was made to high standards using reliable, quality materials.

A hybrid mattress brings together the best of both foam and spring coil mattresses. The high-end models will use at least 2 inches of natural latex or memory foam in the top comfort layer. And, the spring coils should be built using pocketed, bonnell, or offset coils for the greatest level of comfort and longevity.


Hybrid mattresses provide strong and reliable edge support. This means they maintain their shape and structure at the edges of the mattress.

All-foam mattresses tend to sag at the edges due to the soft structure of the foam. However, the lower spring coil section of a hybrid provides the support needed to maintain the integrity of the mattress edges.





The cost of a hybrid mattress can be prohibitive to some people. If you are shopping on a tight budget, a hybrid mattress may not be the best option for you.

The best hybrid mattresses, made from quality materials regularly retail at between $1,000-$2,000. You can expect to pay more for the larger size models such as king size.

On the other hand, they are an excellent long-term investment. They last longer than all-foam mattresses and will provide up to 10 years of sound comfort and restful sleep.


Hybrid mattresses are heavy. They combine a foam mattress with a regular spring coil mattress. There’s a lot of product in there.  And, the hybrid mattress reviews 2024 on this list are no different.

You need to factor in this additional weight when it comes to unboxing and positioning on your bed. It’s definitely a two-person job.

The good news is hybrid beds shouldn’t be flipped. The foam comfort layer always remains on the surface. Therefore, once it’s in place, you’re done!


There are many high-quality hybrids on the market to choose from. However, there are also many low-quality options. There is a large degree of variance when it comes to quality.

Our advice is to be careful when buying a hybrid mattress. Do some research on your mattress of interest and manufacturer before committing to a purchase. Make sure you buy one of the very best hybrids and you will not be disappointed.

For more information see – The Pros and Cons of a Hybrid Mattress.


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A hybrid mattress is for anyone that wants the soft hug of a foam mattress but with the support and responsive movement of coils. A full-foam mattress delivers well on comfort but it can be difficult to move once you want to change position.

A hybrid delivers the same comfort levels as a foam mattress but also allows for easy movement thanks to the sprung coils beneath. It is a great choice for people who want to change their sleeping position during the night.


Hybrids provide a cooling effect that you just don’t get with an all-foam mattress. If you’re a hot sleeper, a hybrid mattress is an excellent choice.

An all-foam mattress hugs the body and has an insulating effect. This leads to the trapping of warmth. A hybrid mattress hugs the body with its top foam layer – but the coil layers beneath allow for airflow and the dissipation of heat.


Hybrids are a great choice for people carrying extra body weight. An all-foam mattress will provide great comfort but will lack the support needed for people who need extra support.

The spring layers in a hybrid provide the bounce and assisted movement needed to help heavy people move and find a comfortable position during the night.


A hybrid is a great choice for comfort when it comes to activities other than sleeping. For the same reasons as above, it allows you to easily move and adjust your position.

This makes a hybrid an excellent choice for reading in bed, watching tv, and well other activities. It provides great comfort and freedom of movement to make all these activities more enjoyable.


A hybrid mattress is a good long-term investment. While they cost a little more than other mattress types, they are more durable and will last longer.

A good-quality hybrid mattress will last up to 10 years – much longer than an all-foam mattress. The support provided by the coil layers adds to the mattress’s durability.





man and woman in bed looking out from beneath a sheet


A hybrid mattress is not a good choice for people on a budget. A good quality hybrid mattress costs more than a good quality all-foam mattress such as a memory foam mattress.

And, the cheaper hybrids often cut corners in of build quality and materials used. If you need a new mattress and are working towards a tight budget you may find another type that works best for you.


If you’re a light sleeper and share a bed with a restless partner a hybrid mattress may not be ideal. The spring support layer means there’s considerable motion transfer.

This means if your partner keeps moving on their side, you’re going to feel it on your side. Memory foam mattresses are best for restricting motion transfer.


A hybrid is an excellent choice for people of regular and heavyweight. The combination of soft foam comfort and spring support strike an excellent balance.

But, if you are a petite individual with low body weight, you may not require spring support. In this case, an all-foam mattress may be a perfect fit for you. You should check out an all-foam mattress before committing to a hybrid.


How do hybrids measure up against traditional all-foam, innerspring , and latex mattresses? Lets compare against the different types.

man and woman holding hands on a mattress


Hybrid mattresses are made with a top foam comfort layer supported by a spring coil base later. All-foam mattresses as the name suggests are made from 100% foam – no coils. They lack the support, bounce, and ease of movement you get from a coiled spring section.

All-foam mattresses are incredibly soft. They cradle your body weight as it sinks down into the foam. And, they have very low motion transfer. This means if your partner moves on one side of the mattress there will be limited movement on your side.

Different types of foam can be used in their construction – latex, memory, and polyfoam are popular choices. All-foam mattresses are not as durable as hybrids and tend to sag around the edge due to the lack of a spring-supportive base.

They are not a great choice for larger individuals due to the absence of a spring coil support system but are a good option for lighter people.


An innerspring mattress is similar to a hybrid but without the top layer of foam. They are made entirely from coiled springs. Innersprings may have a small comfort layer on top of the springs. This layer is made from cotton or foam and provides protection from the springs beneath.

The top comfort layer in a hybrid mattress is much more substantial. A hybrid foam layer will be at least 2 inches thick. So, don’t let anyone try to convince you that a regular innerspring is a hybrid mattress.

The foam top layer on a hybrid adds a greater level of comfort compared to an innerspring mattress. It cradles and cushions your body weight as you sink down into it. Hybrids strike a balance between all-foam and innerspring mattresses delivering benefits of both.


Latex mattresses have a similar feel to memory foam mattresses but with a little extra bounce. They can be made from either natural or synthetic latex. Latex offers better cooling compared to memory foam. They tend to be more expensive than memory foam mattresses.

All-latex mattresses lack the spring coil support of a hybrid. Therefore they don’t have the same level of bounce and responsive movement as a hybrid. But due to latex’s natural bouncy feel, they perform a little better than a memory foam model.


woman and man sitting on the edge of a mattress

Yes, a hybrid mattress is worth it. They are an excellent long-term investment. The best hybrid mattresses last at least 10 years and deliver incredible comfort. If you spread the cost of a high-quality hybrid mattress over 10 years of sleeping comfort you’ll find they are well worth the initial investment.


helix midnight hybrid mattress overview


The Midnight mattress from Helix is the best hybrid mattress of 2024. It delivers excellent comfort and support and works great for multiple sleeping positions.

The top comfort layer of this mattress is made from memory foam. There is a firmer poly foam layer positioned directly beneath. And, a pocketed spring coil is used for the supportive base.

The combination delivers soft cradling comfort in the memory foam layer with firmer cushioning of the poly foam. The pocketed coils provide excellent responsive support while keeping motion transfer to a minimum.


MULTIPLE SLEEPING POSITIONS – the Helix Midnight mattress works well for multiple sleeping positions thanks to the balance it strikes between comfort and responsive support. We recommend it for side, back, and combination sleepers.
MOTION ISOLATION – the combination of memory foam, poly foam, and pocketed coil support system deliver excellent motion isolation. This means motion is isolated to where it occurs and there is little travel across the mattress.
EXCELLENT VALUE – the Helix Midnight hybrid is excellent value.  It comes in below the cost of many of its competitors, delivers excellent all-round comfort, and boasts outstanding build quality.  It’s our best value hybrid mattress of the year.
COUPLES – this is a great mattress for couples, thanks to the motion isolation described above. If someone moves on one side of the bed there will be little movement felt on the other side. It makes for a comfortable night’s sleep for couples.
COOLING – if you are a hot sleeper, this is a good mattress for you. The warmth that accumulates in the memory foam top layer dissipates well due to the air cooling effect of the pocketed coils beneath.


HEAVY PEOPLE – the Helix Midnight hybrid is a medium-firm mattress. We have scored it a 6/10 for firmness. This will be too soft for heavier people – above 250 pounds. We recommend choosing a firmer mattress with more support for heavier people.
STOMACH SLEEPERS – Likewise, if you prefer to sleep on your stomach you should choose a firmer mattress. The top layer of memory foam on the Midnight allows your body to sink into a cradled position. For stomach sleepers, we recommend a firmer mattress for greater comfort.


  • Type: Hybrid Mattress
  • Firmness: Medium-firm: 6/10
  • Sleep Trial: 100 nights
  • Shipping: Free shipping
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Price Range: $$$$$


The Helix Midnight is an excellent mattress. It is our overall winner for the best hybrid mattress of 2024. The mattress is American-made, comes with a 100-night sleep trial, free shipping, and a 10-year warranty. It is also very competitively priced.


ghostbed flex hybrid mattress


The best memory foam hybrid mattress of 2024 is the GhostBed Flex Mattress. It combines two layers of memory foam atop a reinforced individually-wrapped coil spring section for support and balance.

The GhostBed Flex strikes an impressive balance between the soft cushioning comfort of memory foam with the responsive support you’d expect from a reinforced sprung coil base.

GhostBed are memory foam specialists. And for this hybrid, they have combined a special gel memory foam and a firmer transition foam to deliver a soft cushioning and contouring support effect.

The dual foam layers have a real luxury feel that provides impressive gentle cushioning. It works wonders for hip and shoulder pressure relief and support.


BACK SLEEPING – the GhostBed Flex hybrid is an excellent choice for back sleepers. The soft cushioning of the dual foam layers provide luxurious cradling comfort.
SIDE SLEEPING – it is also an excellent choice for side sleepers. The gel memory foam and transition foam layer make for a night of very comfortable side sleeping.
MOTION ISOLATION – the individually wrapped spring coil base combined with two layers of foam minimize motion transfer within the mattress. Movements made on one side of the mattress do not significantly travel across to the other.
GEL COOLING – if you are a hot sleeper this hybrid is a great choice. The memory foam comfort layer is infused with a cooling gel that reduces heat build-up during the night making it one of the best hybrid beds on this list.
COOLING FABRIC COVER – the GhostBed Flex also comes with a specially woven cooling fabric cover. This cover reduces heat build-up and boosts mattress breathability.


COOLING COVER MOVEMENT – the cooling fabric cover tends to move and come out of place. You may need to add an additional sheet or mattress protector to keep it in place.
HEAVIER PEOPLE – this is a relatively soft hybrid mattress. Due to the fact it has been built with two foam layers, it has a cushioning soft feel. This is not ideal for heavier people and a firmer mattress would provide better support.
STOMACH SLEEPERS – this soft hybrid is not ideal for stomach sleepers. The cradling effect of the dual foam layers doesn’t work well for people who like to sleep on their front – we recommend a firmer mattress.


  • Type: Hybrid Mattress
  • Firmness: 5/10 soft
  • Sleep Trial: 101 nights
  • Shipping: Free shipping
  • Warranty: 25 years
  • Price Range: $$$$$


The GhostBed Flex Mattress is the best hybrid memory foam mattress in 2024. It delivers a super-soft cushioning feel, excellent cooling, and reliable motion isolation thanks to its individually-wrapped reinforced spring coils. The mattress is American-made, comes with a 101-night sleep trial, and a 25-year warranty.


dreamcloud premier hybrid mattress overview


The DreamCloud Premier hybrid is a high-end, luxury, super-soft mattress. The mattress is topped with a Euro soft cradle layer, Euro top support layer, plush memory foam layer, and a foam support layer.

The soft cushioning comfort layers are supported by a mattress core of individually-wrapped coils. And finally, beneath the coils lies a protective base foam layer.

If you want a hybrid mattress that provides soft, cushioning comfort – this is the one for you. The cradling comfort layers provide excellent pressure relief for the back, hips, and shoulders.

It is made using breathable materials to provide night-long cooling. And, the spring coil base below provides ample air circulation.

The DreamCloud hybrid mattress is worth getting excited about. It delivers incredible soft cushioning combined with responsive coil support, a lifetime warranty, and an impressive 365-night sleep trial.


SOFT COMFORT – the DreamCloud Premier delivers unrivaled soft cradling comfort in the hybrid mattress category. Multiple layers in the comfort top section provide incredible soft cushioning.
PRESSURE POINT RELIEF – this is an excellent hybrid for pressure relief. The foam layers at the top are very soft and provide excellent cushioning leaving very little pressure on shoulders and hips.
COOLING – it performs well for cooling and preventing the build-up of heat. It is made from breathable materials and the individually-wrapped coils beneath provide good airflow.
MOTION ISOLATION – the DreamClound premier performs well in motion isolation. There is little motion transfer from one side of the mattress to the other – an important feature for couples.
LIFETIME WARRANTY – the mattress comes with a generous lifetime warranty. DreamCloud will provide a new replacement mattress for any manufacturing defects within the first 10 years of its life. And, free repair is provided for defects beyond the initial 10 years.


STOMACH SLEEPERS – the soft cushioning of the foam layers is not ideal for stomach sleepers. A mattress with a more firm feel might work better.
HEAVY PEOPLE – this hybrid is not ideal for heavy people due to its soft cushioning effect. People over 250 pounds may find a firmer mattress offers greater support.
OFF GASSING – the foam layers of the mattress release a considerable odor when first unboxed. However, they quickly dissipate within a few days.


  • Type: Hybrid Mattress
  • Firmness: 5/10 soft
  • Sleep Trial: 365 nights
  • Shipping: Free shipping
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Price Range: $$$$$


If you are looking for a soft feeling hybrid mattress – the DreamCLoud Premier is the one for you. Its Euro top support layer, plush memory foam layer, and foam support layer deliver unrivaled soft cushioning that gently cradles your body. It also comes with a lifetime warranty and a 365-day sleep trial.


Brooklyn Aurora Firm Hybrid Mattress Overview.


Brooklyn Bedding’s Aurora Hybrid is the best firm hybrid mattress on the market in 2024. It delivers excellent lumbar support and a smooth yet firm sleeping surface. It is ideal for back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and people that just prefer a firmer mattress.

The Brooklyn Aurora hybrid mattress is available in three firmness options – soft, medium, and firm. For this review, we will be looking at the firm option.

This mattress is made using a 1.5” layer of firm TitanFlex™ foam for additional support and a more neutral spine position. And, the addition of a third layer of 1.5” VariFlex transition foam ensures a more firm feel.

In all, there are six layers to the Aurora hybrid – a premium smooth top weave, 1.5” copperflex and titancool layer, 1.5” firm titanflex layer, 1.5” of transition foam, 8” of individually encased spring coils, and a 0.75” protective base foam layer.

It is a great choice if you prefer a smooth, flat surface for sleeping and don’t like the feeling of sinking into the mattress. We recommend this mattress for back sleepers, stomach sleepers, heavy people, and anyone that requires a little extra support.


BACK SLEEPERS – the firm feel and extra support of the aurora firm hybrid make it an ideal choice for back sleepers.
STOMACH SLEEPERS – it is also a great choice for stomach sleepers as it easily supports your body weight and provides a relatively flat sleeping surface.
LUMBAR SUPPORT– it is a great choice for anyone that prefers a smooth flat mattress and doesn’t like the feeling of sinking down into the mattress. It works well for people with back pain who require additional lumbar support.
HEAVY PEOPLE – the extra support provided by the firmness of the mattress makes it a good choice for heavier people. The mattress is designed to support up to 950 pounds.
COOLING – it’s a good choice for hot sleepers. It has been built using heat cooling materials including ‘TitanCool’ fabric and ‘CopperFlex’ foam to ensure a cool and comfortable night’s sleep.


SIDE SLEEPERS – in general, side sleepers will feel more comfortable on a less firm mattress. Soft to medium options may work better.
COMBINATION SLEEPERS – similar to above, combination sleepers will alternate between different sleeping positions throughout the night, including side sleeping. A softer mattress may work better.
FIRM MATTRESS – it goes without saying that if you prefer a soft mattress then you should steer clear of the Brooklyn Aurora firm hybrid. However, they do offer the Aurora in soft and medium firmness options that may meet your needs.
PETITE PEOPLE – petite individuals of low body weight may find a softer mattress meets their comfort needs better.


  • Type: Hybrid Mattress
  • Firmness: 8/10 firm
  • Sleep Trial: 120 nights
  • Shipping: Free shipping
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Price Range: $$$$$


The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora hybrid firm option – is the best firm hybrid mattress in 2024. It is an excellent choice for back sleepers, stomach sleepers, heavy people, and anyone that requires a little extra support. This hybrid works well for back pain as it provides excellent lumbar support. It comes with a 10-year warranty and a 120-night sleep trial.


Helix Midnight Luxe Mattress Overview


The Helix Midnight Luxe is the best hybrid mattress for side sleepers. The Luxe model has several additional features compared to the standard Helix Midnight that make it ideal for side sleepers.

This mattress is 2” inches thicker, has two additional support layers, and comes with a premium quilted top for extra comfort. It’s a little more expensive, but these features will make all the difference if you are a side sleeper.

The comfort layer of the Midnight Luxe is made using gel-infused memory foam that delivers excellent soft cushioning and cradling support. Underneath you’ll find a gel visco and polyfoam transition layers that contour the body and cradle the hips and shoulders. This is the ideal support system for side sleepers.

The mattress has been designed to deliver zoned support and pressure point relief that evenly distributes body weight across the surface of the mattress. And, its zoned lumbar support helps align the spine and keep it straight throughout the night.

The mattress performs superbly when it comes to cooling. The Midnight Luxe comes with an ultra-breathable Tencel cover to facilitate airflow. Paired with the cooling gel memory foam and coil spring base – it performs incredibly well in regulating body temperature.


SIDE SLEEPERS – best mattress for side sleepers. Excellent cushioning and weight distribution to relieve pressure on hips and shoulders.
ADDITIONAL LAYERS – the Luxe model of the Helix Midnight comes with extra layers and mattress thickness for added cushioning and support – ideal for side sleepers.
PRESSURE POINT RELIEF – a memory foam comfort layer and gel visco and polyfoam transition layers
provide gentle cushioning and relieve pressure point pain.
LUMBAR SUPPORT – zoned lumbar support to help keep the spine aligned while you sleep.
COOLING – excellent cooling properties – ultra-breathable Tencel cover, cooling gel-infused memory foam, and coil spring base to facilitate airflow.


PRICE – the Luxe is more expensive than the standard Helix Midnight but is a great long-term investment for side sleepers.
HEAVY – this is a heavy mattress. It’s 14” inches deep and contains two additional layers compared to the standard model. You may need help getting it into position.


  • Type: Hybrid Mattress
  • Firmness: 7/10 medium
  • Sleep Trial: 100 nights
  • Shipping: Free shipping & returns
  • Warranty: 15 years
  • Price Range: $$$$$


The Helix Midnight Luxe mattress is the best hybrid for side sleepers. It provides unrivaled cushioning and support to the hip and shoulder areas and excellent pressure point relief. The mattress sleeps cool thanks to some innovative technology. It comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 15-year warranty.


Winkbed Luxury Firm Hybrid Mattress Overview


The Winkbed Luxury Firm is the best hybrid mattress for back sleepers. It strikes the perfect balance between just enough soft cushioning to cradle the shoulders, hips, and buttocks, and the support required to keep the spine aligned.

Winkbed is a highly respected mattress producer and has been making American-made high-end mattresses for years. This is their original model and one that is particularly suitable for back sleepers.

Back sleepers spread their body weight over a large area so they do not need a soft mattress. A firm model is the best option as it supports the spine and lumbar region. However, a modest degree of soft cushioning is needed to relieve pressure on the hips and shoulder areas.

This mattress strikes the perfect balance. It is an impressive 14” inches deep and is made with a breathable Tencel cover, a multi-layer Euro-style pillow top, gel-infused foam, and an individually-wrapped coil innerspring base.

It performs superbly when it comes to cooling. The breathable surface layer and gel-infused foam layers disperse body heat while you sleep. And, the coil spring base allows ample airflow throughout the mattress.

The mattress is available in several firmness options: softer, luxury firm, firmer, and plus. We recommend the luxury firm for average-sized people. The firmer options provide better support for heavier people. And, particularly petite individuals may fare better with the ‘softer’ model.


BACK SLEEPERS – the Winkbed is an excellent choice for back sleepers. It strikes the perfect balance between strong support for the lumbar region and soft comfort to cushion the shoulders, hips, and buttocks.
EXCELLENT SUPPORT – the mattress provides excellent all-round support and is 14” inches deep.
BACK PAIN – The firm feel of this mattress combined with the support of the spring coil and the pressure-relieving comfort layer make it a great choice for people prone to back pain, joint pain, or sciatica.
FIRMNESS OPTIONS – The Winkbed is available in multiple firmness options: softer, luxury firm, firmer, and plus. There’s a firmness level for every body type.
COOLING – the mattress performs well when it comes to cooling. It is built with a breathable Tencel layer and gel-infused comfort layers to move heat away from the body while you sleep.


PRICE – the Winkbed Luxury Firm is a high-end mattress and comes with a price tag to match. It makes for an excellent long-term investment, but if you’re on a budget it may not be the mattress for you.
HEAVY – this mattress is heavy. It is a luxurious 14” inches deep which means it can be difficult to lift and maneuver. You will need some help unboxing and getting it into place.


  • Type: Hybrid Mattress
  • Firmness: 8/10 firm
  • Sleep Trial: 120 nights
  • Shipping: Free shipping
  • Warranty: Lifetime
  • Price Range: $$$$/$


The Winkbed Luxury Firm hybrid mattress is an excellent choice for back sleepers of all shapes and sizes. It strikes the perfect balance between firm lumbar support and cushioning pressure relief for hips and shoulders.

The mattress is available in a range of firmness options to cater to all body sizes. It is a high-end luxury mattress and makes a superb long-term investment for comfort and sleep quality. The Winkbed also comes with a 120-night sleep trial and a generous lifetime warranty.


Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress Overview


The Casper Wave hybrid is a high-end mattress that provides outstanding sleeping comfort for all sleeping positions. It’s our winner in the best hybrid for combination sleepers category.

The mattress is made using four different foams in the comfort layer. Measuring 5.5” inches thick, the comfort layer is constructed from individual layers of open-cell polyfoam, open-cell latex, tri-zoned memory foam, and zoned polyfoam with targeted gel pods.

The mattress stands out for its performance in comfort, pressure relief, cooling, ease of movement, and durability. Its highly engineered comfort layer and its 7” inch thick pocketed coil core make it an excellent choice for all sleeping positions – side, back, and stomach sleepers.

The Casper Wave performs better than most hybrids for dissipating body heat and providing a cool night’s sleep. It has been designed with multiple temperature controlling features including breathable open-cell materials and perforated foam layers.


COMBINATION SLEEPERS – the Casper Wave is an excellent choice for combination sleepers. It provides great comfort for all back, side, and stomach sleepers.
COOLING – performs better than most hybrids thanks to its use of breathable materials, perforated foam layers, and a 7” inch pocketed coil support system.
DURABILITY – the Casper Wave hybrid is a high-end mattress. It comes with a significant price tag but its all-round comfort and durability make it a great long-term investment.
EASE OF MOVEMENT – the responsive coil core beneath the XXX foam layer provides good bounce and aids movement.


PRICE – this hybrid mattress is a little more expensive than most of its competitors on this list. If you are on a budget or looking for a bargain it may not be the best mattress for you.
HEAVY PEOPLE – people weighing over 230 pounds may prefer a firmer mattress. The soft cushioning of the top layer on the Casper Wave may feel a little on the soft side.


  • Type: Hybrid Mattress
  • Firmness: 7/10 medium
  • Sleep Trial: 100 nights
  • Shipping: Free shipping
  • Warranty: 10 year limited
  • Price Range: $$$$$


The Casper Wave hybrid is the best mattress for combination sleepers. It provides consistent high-level comfort regardless of your sleeping position – back, side, or stomach sleepers.

This hybrid comes with a significant price tag and won’t be for everybody. But, its superior build quality, all-round comfort, and durability make it an excellent long-term investment.









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Yes, hybrid mattresses are worth it. A good quality hybrid mattress may be a little more expensive than other types of mattress – but they are an excellent long-term investment. The best hybrid mattresses last many years and will deliver superb comfort for countless nights’ sleep. No other mattress type combines multiple mattress technologies to achieve these comfort levels.


A hybrid mattress is best for someone that wants to experience the benefits of more than one mattress type. For example, with a hybrid you can combine the bounce and strong support of an innerspring with the soft cradling comfort of memory foam in a single mattress.


The main negatives to a hybrid mattress are its heavy weight, significant price tag, and the fact it cannot be flipped. Hybrid mattresses combine at least two types of mattress technologies to boost comfort and support levels. However, this means they can feel heavy and often come with a significant price tag.


No, you cannot flip a hybrid mattress. Hybrid mattresses are designed with upper and lower sections. These sections must always remain in place. However, you can rotate most hybrid mattresses – so that the head of the mattress becomes the foot and vice versa.


Yes, hybrid mattresses get softer over time.  Most hybrid mattresses are made with a foam top layer and a spring support base below.  Over time, the foam comfort layer will compress and change shape from the weight of your body.  This means the hybrid mattress will get softer over time.



JOSH HARDY – Senior Editor

Josh is senior editor at Mattress Comfort Guide. He is an industry expert with over 30 years of experience in the bed and mattress industry. Josh is a native of Albuquerque and is a graduate of the University of New Mexico. He holds an M.S. in Project Management and a B.S. in Earth & Planetary Sciences.

He has worked in both the retail and manufacturing industries where he has held consultancy roles on mattress design and technologies. Josh has a particular interest in how different mattress types complement body size and sleeping position, and deliver optimal lumbar support. Josh is a keen sports fan and when he’s away from the office he likes to play basketball and catch the New Mexico Lobos games with his two sons at the Pit.

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