Hybrid Mattress Maintenance Tips: Maximizing the Life of Your Hybrid Mattress

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people laying hands on a hybrid mattress

Do you have a hybrid mattress and want to learn how to look after it? This article covers everything you need to know about hybrid mattress maintenance so you can maximize the life span of your mattress. Caring for a hybrid mattress is easy and requires no specialized skills or equipment. Follow the tips below and you will enjoy many, many years of comfortable sleep from your hybrid mattress.

How to Look After a Hybrid Mattress

man and woman holding hands on a hybrid mattress

Hybrid mattresses have become incredibly popular in recent years. The most common type of hybrid contains an innerspring base complemented with a foam comfort layer on top. These mattresses offer the best of both worlds. The spring base delivers reliable stable support and responsive movement. While, the foam layer on top provides soft cushioning comfort.

But how should you care for a hybrid mattress? They contain more than one mattress technology, so what maintenance procedures should you follow if you want to prolong the life of the mattress? The 14 tips below will help ensure the longevity and comfort of a hybrid mattress for many years.

Top Tips to Make Your Hybrid Mattress Last Longer

Below we cover 14 tips you need to implement if you want to get the most out of a hybrid mattress. These tips relate to mattress protection, the prevention of indentations and sagging, and a methodical approach to regular mattress cleaning. A hybrid mattress that is well cared for will last between 15-20 years.

mother and daughter on a hybrid mattress

1: Use a Mattress Protector

The simplest and most effective hybrid mattress maintenance is to add a mattress protector to your new hybrid mattress. Protectors are cheap, highly effective, and used properly will help maximize the lifespan of a hybrid mattress.

Protectors fit onto a hybrid mattress just like a fitted sheet. They create a physical barrier that shields the mattress surface from liquids, spills, and debris. If you want to prolong the life of a hybrid mattress – add a good quality mattress protector from day one.

A protector prevents sweat, liquids, and any accidental spills from reaching the surface of the hybrid mattress. This keeps the mattress clean and dry. Not only does it prevent the accumulation of nasty stains, but it also prevents the build-up of dust mites, mold, and mildew.

2: Rotate The Mattress – Do Not Flip

Another great way to look after a hybrid mattress and extend its years of service is rotation. Mattress rotation prevents sagging and changes the position of indentation on the mattress surface. While rotation is key for hybrid mattress maintenance – you must never flip a hybrid mattress.

Hybrid mattresses are designed with a comfort layer on the surface area and base support below. They can never be flipped as the underside of a hybrid cannot be used as a sleeping surface. Mattress rotation refers to the practice of turning the mattress 180 degrees so the head becomes the foot of the bed and visa versa.

Flipping on the other hand means turning a mattress over so the top surface becomes the bottom surface and the bottom the top. We recommend rotating a hybrid mattress every 3-6 months to prevent the formation of compressed areas and sagging.

3: Do Not Sit on Edges

Another way to maintain a hybrid mattress and prolong its lifecycle is to refrain from sitting on the edges. Sitting on the edge of a hybrid compresses the corner and can damage long-term edge support.

Man Sitting on Side of Bed

The problem is compounded by the fact that we tend to sit on the edge in the same spot every time. This creates uneven weight distribution in a very small area on the hybrid mattress edge. And, over time the mattress will lose support and begin to sag at that point.

4: Sleep On Different Spots

Sleeping on different spots helps spread the weight of your body across a larger surface area of the mattress. If you want to maintain a hybrid mattress and maximize its years of service you need to prevent the formation of body indentations in the mattress surface. Combine this with mattress rotation and you’re on a good road to making a hybrid mattress last longer.

5: Suitable Supportive Base

A must place your hybrid mattress on a suitable supportive base – this is vital for protecting and getting the most out of the mattress. The Best Hybrid Mattresses come with clear manufacturer guidelines outlining the type and size of base that should be used to support the mattress.

Most hybrids are supported using a solid bed frame. Hybrid mattresses are amongst the heaviest on the market and the larger models often require bedframes with central supporting legs. A suitable bedframe provides the support needed to prevent bending and sagging and will prolong the lifespan of a hybrid.  For more see – How Long Does a Hybrid Mattress Last?

6: Do Not Drag or Bend

Do not drag or bend a hybrid mattress. The majority of hybrids contain an innerspring supportive base and a foam comfort layer. The steel spring bases are heavy and if dragged on a floor can cause lasting damage to the floor and mattress base.

Hybrids should be carefully lifted and gently positioned in place. Also, do not bend a hybrid mattress. The innerspring base cannot withstand structural contusions in the same way as an all-foam mattress. Bending a hybrid may cause irreparable damage to the spring base.

7: Don’t Jump on the Bed

If you want to care for a hybrid mattress, do not jump on the bed. A favorite pass time of many a kid – jumping on a bed can be a lot of fun. And, a hybrid mattress feels great for jumping on thanks to its spring base.

It has a natural bounce and that appeals to kids – but if you can, try and prevent people from jumping on a hybrid.  It can cause lasting damage.

mother and son jumping on a bed

They are not designed to withstand the pressure and toil of repeated jumping and horseplay. This can damage both the comfort layer on top and the spring base below. If you want to look after a hybrid mattress, keep it for laying and sleeping in.

8: Keeping It Clean

One of the best ways to look after a hybrid mattress is by keeping it clean. Below we will take a look at some specific actions you can take to keep a hybrid mattress in excellent condition. But in general, common sense is key.

By keeping a mattress clean and fresh you prevent the accumulation of unwelcome stains, odors, and the accumulation of harmful microbes. If the mattress will be unused for a period of time you should strip it of all bedclothes, open the windows, and allow it to air out.

9: Clean Sheets and Bedding

The easiest way to keep a hybrid mattress clean is to regularly clean the bed sheets. Strip the mattress of all bedclothes and give them a good clean in the laundry cycle. When they are dry and have had a chance to air out, return them to the mattress.

The practice of regularly changing sheets and bedding is an often overlooked way of protecting a hybrid mattress, keeping it clean, and making sure it lasts as long as it possibly can.

10: Don’t Eat Food in Bed

If you want to maintain a hybrid mattress in its best condition – don’t eat food in bed. In fact, you should avoid consuming any snacks or drinks when in bed. Not only can spills cause stains and damage to the mattress. They can also lead to the foundations of unwelcome microbial growth.

bed bug under a magnifying glass

Even trace amounts of crumbs and moisture create a food source for dust mites and mold. And, once these little critters get in it can be difficult to remove them. For help, check out our guide on How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs.

11: No Pets in the Bed

Pets are another great source of contaminants that can damage and spoil a hybrid mattress. If you want to look after a hybrid mattress, do not allow pets in the bed. As loveable as our pets are, they are also a source of all kinds of unwelcome contaminants.

Dog and cat hair can be difficult to remove once it begins sticking to a mattress surface. And, animals that have been outdoors and drag all sorts of dirt, debris, and other nasties into your new bed. Keep pets away from hybrid mattresses and ensure they stay in their own bed.

12: Vacuum Periodically & Keeping it Dust-Free

Did you know you can vacuum a hybrid mattress? That’s right, a quick vacuum removes all kinds of dust, debris, and sheared skin cells. It’s a simple tip for hybrid mattress maintenance.  All you have to do is vacuum the sleeping surface of a hybrid mattress every 3 to 4 months. Use the upholstery attachment for best results.

13: Get a Professional Clean

woman about to clean a hybrid mattress

If your hybrid mattress has suffered significant staining it may need the help of a professional cleaner. There are many companies out there that specialize in cleaning and repairing mattresses. They use specialized equipment and cleaning materials. If the cleaning job appears to be beyond your DIY skills, grab a phone and reach out to a professional service.

14: Regular Inspection

Conduct a regular visual inspection. Strip away the bedclothes and take a look at the mattress for any signs of wear and tear. If something has begun to go wrong, catching it early is vital. Torn upholstery, damaged springs, and prominent indentations will be easier to repair if they are caught early before more significant damage has been done.


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