Do You Need Special Sheets for an Adjustable Bed?

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Do Adjustable Beds Need Special Sheets?  Yes, you need special sheets for an adjustable bed. You should use sheets that are compatible with the bed’s moveable features that prevent them from bending, bunching, and slipping off as the mattress moves and changes position.

deep fitted sheet for adjustable bed

Do you need special sheets for adjustable beds?  Yes, the best type of sheet to use with an adjustable bed is a deep-pocketed fitted sheet. Deep-pocketed fitted sheets have extra deep sides that wrap around the edge of the mattress and securely hold it in place.

They are like a super-charged fitted sheet and are ideal for use with adjustable beds and moving mattresses. Additionally, you can use a sheet fastener to tighten the sheet around the corners of the mattress.

Can You Use Regular Sheets for an Adjustable Bed?

No, you can’t use regular sheets with an adjustable bed.  Regular sheets are not designed for use with adjustable beds and struggle to stay in place when the mattress begins to move. These sheets stretch, bunch, and slip out of position. Especially around the corners of the mattress. In general, it is not recommended you use a regular sheet with an adjustable bed.

couple sleeping together in a bed with deep fitetd sheets

For comfort, you should use a deep-fitted sheet. These sheets have extra wide side panels – up to 15” inches long. These wide sides securely hold the sheet in place – even when the bed and mattress move. If you have an adjustable bed, we recommend you use deep-fitted sheets on your mattress for comfort and better functionality.

How To Keep Sheets On Adjustable Beds

How do you stop sheets moving on an adjustable bed? The best way to keep sheets on an adjustable bed is to use a deep-fitted sheet and sheet fasteners. Deep-fitted sheets have extra long sides that securely hold them in place. And, sheet fasteners clip around the corners of the sheets and prevent them from sliding out over the mattress.

If you want to keep a sheet on a mattress on an adjustable bed – you should apply both these fixes. Using both deep-fitted sheets and sheet fasteners gives you maximum protection against sheets moving and slipping off the corners of the mattress. Other devices you can use, similar to sheet fasteners are sheet suspenders, sheet elastic corner bands, and adjustable bed top sheets.

What Are Sheet Fasteners?

Sheet fasteners are used to hold bed sheets in place on mattresses and prevent sheet movement. They are sometimes referred to as sheet straps. Sheet fasteners are very effective at holding sheets in place. And, they work great on adjustable beds.

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By combining a deep pocketed fitted sheet with a sheet fastener you have maximum protection against sheet movement. And, if you’re using an adjustable bed, this is the best way of ensuring your sheets are securely held in place. But, what are sheet fasteners and how do they work?

A sheet fastener is a specially designed strap that clips onto one corner of your mattress and holds the sheet in place. The fastener has clips that grip the sheet and prevent it from sliding out of position during the night. One sheet fastener is attached to each corner of the mattress.

They provide excellent protection against sheet movement – and are a great solution for holding sheets in place on an adjustable bed. Sheet fasteners are also known as sheet straps, sheet strap triangles, and sheet grippers.


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Choosing the Right Sheet For Your Adjustable Bed

Choosing the right sheet for your adjustable bed plays a crucial role in ensuring you get a restful and peaceful night’s sleep. Here’s what you need to consider when choosing a sheet for an adjustable bed mattress.

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Deep-Fitted Sheet

First up, you should choose a deep-fitted sheet. These are just like fitted sheets but have extra long sides. These long sides help hold the sheet in place and prevent it from moving around when the bed and mattress change position.

Adjustable Bed Sheets

You should look for sheets that are specifically labeled as ‘adjustable bed sheets’. These sheets have been specifically designed for use with an adjustable bed. By choosing an adjustable bed sheet you can rest assured that sheet has been designed to move and stretch in tandem with a moving mattress.

Stay-Put Features

Some adjustable bed sheets some with specially fitted ‘stay-put’ features. These sheets come with elasticated corner straps that hug the mattress corner when put in place. This helps prevent movement and secures the sheet in position.


Next, it’s vital you choose the correct size sheet for your mattress. Sheets come in all sizes and you should choose one that matches the size of your mattress. For example, if you have a king size mattress – you should choose king size bed sheets.


When choosing sheets for an adjustable bed you should pay attention to the type of material used. Aim for fabrics that are soft, breathable, and flexible. Cotton is one of the most popular types of sheet material and it works great for moving beds and mattresses.


Sheets used on an electric bed will be subjected to more movement and stress compared to a regular static bed. Therefore it’s important you choose sheets that are durable and will stand the test of time. Look for sheets that have been made using quality stitching and material.

Why Will My Sheets Not Stay On My Adjustable Bed?

Your sheets will not stay on your adjustable bed because you are using the wrong type of sheet. When it comes to adjustable beds, you should be using a deep fitted sheet. These sheets have extra long side panels that help hold them in place and stop them from slipping out of position.

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Regular sheets are not designed for use with moving beds or mattresses. If you have been using a regular fitted sheet or flat sheet, you should switch it out for a deep-fitted variant. This way your sheet will stop slipping out of position and popping off the mattress.


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Do You Need Special Bedding for Adjustable Beds?

Yes, you need special bedding for adjustable beds.  You need to use special sheets that are compatible with the movement of the bed frame.  These sheets remain in place and do not slide off when the bed moves.  Deep pocketed fitted sheets work best.

Do I Need Special Sheets for an Adjustable Bed?

Yes, you need special sheets for an adjustable bed.  You need sheets that will not slip off the sides of the mattress when the bed moves and changes position.  Regular sheets will not remain in place.

How to Keep Sheet on Adjustable Bed?

The best way to keep a sheet on an adjustable bed is to use a sheet that has been specifically designed for use on a moving electric bed.  Aim for adjustable bed mattress sheets.  Then use sheet clips to clip all four corners in place and prevent slipping.



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