Can You Adjust the Height of an Adjustable Bed?

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Yes, you can adjust the height of an adjustable bed. The height of the bed can be changed by adjusting the bed frame legs. Some, but not all adjustable beds have been designed to allow the bed frame legs to be extended or reduced in size. These are known as height adjustable legs. This allows you to choose a bed height that works well for you or the person using the bed. Below we cover everything you need to know about – adjusting the height of an adjustable bed.

How to Adjust the Height of an Adjustable Bed

Here’s how to adjust legs on adjustable bed.  The height of an adjustable bed can be altered using adjustable legs. Not all adjustable beds come with adjustable legs – but the ones that do allow you to raise or lower the bed frame to meet your needs. If you are shopping for an adjustable bed and want one that can be lowered or raised, make sure you choose a bed that comes with adjustable legs.

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How to Adjust Bed Frame Height

Adjustable legs are generally available in one of two formats. The first uses a sliding extendable leg design. And, the other uses interchangeable leg segments that can be removed or added to achieve different heights. Let’s take a look at how these two designs work.

Extendable Sliding Bed Legs

The first is the easiest to use. These legs are designed to slide up or down and are very easy to use. They work a little like a telescopic pole. You can increase their length by sliding the leg outwards. And, you can shorten them by sliding the leg back in towards the frame.

They come with a little release mechanism that must be activated to allow the leg to change in height. Press the release lever, adjust the height to one of the preset values, and allow everything to click back into place. Once the release mechanism has locked back into place the leg is secure and will not move unexpectedly.

Interchangeable Bed Leg Segments

Another popular design for adjustable height legs is interchangeable leg segments. This type of bed leg comes in segments – usually two or three parts. The individual segments are of varying sizes and can be unscrewed and rearranged to adjust bed height. The bed can be lowered by removing segments and it can be raised by adding additional segments.

They screw into place one on top of the other and a rubber cap is used to provide stability where the leg contacts the floor.  Interchangeable leg segments offer a versatile and convenient solution for adjusting bed height – allowing for easy customization.  Just make sure all segments are securely fastened and correctly in place before returning the bed to normal service.

How to Lower Adjustable Bed Frame

Can an adjustable bed be lowered?  Yes, here’s how to lower legs on adjustable bed frame.  If the bed comes with extendable sliding legs, simply reduce the leg length by releasing the lock mechanism.  Then slide the telescopic leg towards the bed frame until you reach the length you desire.  Then, pop the lock back into place.

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And, here’s how to lower an adjustable bed with interchangeable leg segments.  Simply, remove a leg segment to reduce the height of the leg until you reach the desired height.  Then assemble the remaining leg segments to achieve the height you need.

How to Raise Adjustable Bed Frame

Can you raise an adjustable bed frame?  Yes, you can.  Here’s how to make adjustable bed higher.  Firstly, if the bed has extendable telescopic legs, simply release the lock mechanism.  Then, slide the legs away from the bed frame until you reach the length you need.  Then re-secure the lock mechanism

And, here’s how to raise an adjustable bed frame using interchangeable leg segments.  If your bed comes with leg segments, you can raise the height by adding additional segments to the bed legs.  Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure the bed is safely raised and stable.

Tips On Adjusting Height

When you are adjusting the height of an adjustable bed you should begin by removing the mattress and all the bed clothes. Then, turn the adjustable bed frame upside down so you have easy access to the bed legs. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for adjusting the leg height. This usually involves either implementing a sliding extendable movement in the leg or switching out leg segments to achieve your desired leg height. Then, make sure all the legs are securely fastened before turning the bed over and replacing the mattress.

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1: Remove Mattress
2: Turn Bed Frame Upside Down
3: Adjust Bed Legs – Manufacturer’s Guidelines
4: Ensure Legs Are Securely Fastened
5: Return Bed to Original Position


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What Is an Adjustable Bed?

An adjustable bed is a type of bed that allows users to adjust the height of individual beds for additional support or comfort. For example, the upper section of the bed can be raised to elevate the head and torso. This allows people to easily sit upright in the bed. Also, the lower part of the bed can be raised or lowered to adjust leg height.

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Adjustable beds use a motorized system to raise or lower bed sections with the touch of a button. They are regularly used in hospitals, care homes, and for people that have reduced mobility. Adjustable beds are often used by individuals suffering from respiratory issues, acid reflux, mobility limitations, and sleep apnea. They are also known as reclining beds, electric beds, and reclining electric beds.

Can an Adjustable Bed Frame be Lowered?

Yes, an adjustable bed frame can be lowered or raised. If the bed has adjustable legs the height of the bed can be changed to meet your needs. Not all adjustable beds have adjustable legs. And, the ones that don’t have no ability to adjust bed height. If you want a bed that allows you to tailor or change the height – look for a bed frame that comes with adjustable legs.


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