RV Mattress Sizes – What Size Mattress Do You Need?

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Trying to choose a mattress for your RV? Need some help figuring out mattress sizes for RV? You’re in the right place. This article covers everything you need to know about RV size mattresses. We’ll help you find the perfect mattress size for your motorhome. Check out our graphical overview and simple guide below. We’ll hook you up with your ideal mattress in no time!

Mattress Sizes for RV – Simple Overview

overview of mattress sizes for RV

RV mattresses are available in 11 different sizes ranging from the smallest RV Twin to the largest RV King. There’s even an Eastern King and California King for some extra mattress width and length respectively.

Although RV mattresses often use the same terminology as regular mattresses – they are not the same sizes. When choosing a mattress for your motorhome you should measure the dimensions of the bed space and pick a mattress that matches that space. Below we run through the eleven mattress sizes for RV.

RV Twin   |   RV Bunk   |   RV Truck   |   RV Three Quarter   |   RV Double   |   RV Queen   |   RV Short Queen   |   RV Short King   |   RV King   |   RV Eastern King   |   RV California King

RV Twin Mattress

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The most common size of mattress found in an RV is a twin mattress. This is a narrow mattress suitable for one person. An RV twin mattress measures 28” x 75” inches. There is also an option of a 28” x 78” inch RV twin for motor homes and vehicles that can accommodate a longer mattress. Note, an RV twin is not the same size as a regular twin mattress – which is wider and measures 38” x 75” inches.

RV Bunk Mattress

The size of an RV bunk mattress can vary but they start out at 28” x 75” inches. This is the smallest RV bunk on the market. Its narrow dimensions and short length mean it fits even the most compact camper van bed frames. Bunk mattresses are available in a range of larger sizes, see below.

RV Bunk Width x Length

  • 28” x 75” inches
  • 30” x 75” inches
  • 30” x 80” inches
  • 34” x 75” inches
  • 35” x 79” inches

RV Truck Mattress

Truck mattresses are specifically designed for use in semi-trucks. However, depending on the dimensions of your bed frame they may be used in an RV. They are available in a range of sizes and the smallest measures 35” to 79” inches. This makes it a good fit for most RV sleeping spaces. The largest truck mattresses come in at 42” to 80” inches.

RV Three Quarter Mattress

An RV three-quarter mattress comes in between a twin and a double. It is used in spaces that cannot accommodate a full-sized double mattress. An RV three-quarter mattress measures 48” x 75” inches. It can accommodate two small children but is too narrow for two adults. On the other hand, it feels roomy for a solo sleeper.

RV Double Mattress

man and woman on a rv mattress

The double is the most common large-sized mattress found in an RV. They measure a comfortable 53” x 75” inches and can fit two adults. They provide lots of space and room for a single sleeper. The RV double mattress is only 1” inch narrower than a regular double mattress. An RV double is sometimes called a full-size mattress.

RV Queen Mattress

An RV queen is the same size as a queen mattress you will find in a home. They both measure 60” x 80” inches. This means a regular queen domestic mattress can be used in an RV if you have the space. Only large RVs, motorhomes, and camper vans can fit a queen mattress. They provide plenty of room for two children or two adults.

RV Short Queen Mattress

An RV short queen mattress is the same width as a regular queen but is 5” inches shorter in length. They are used in smaller RVs and trailers that can’t quite accommodate a regular queen. A short queen measures 60” x 75” inches. They work well for three kids or two adults – providing 75” inches allows you to stretch out and feel comfortable.

RV Short King Mattress

The RV short king is an adapted shorter version of a regular king size mattress. The short king is 5” inches shorter. It measures 72” x 75” inches – the same length as the short queen. They are an excellent choice for RVs that don’t have the space to fit a full king. It provides ample sleeping space for two adults and can accommodate three or four children depending on their size.

RV King Mattress

a man woman and dog in an rv camper van

Only the biggest and most spacious camper vans can accommodate an RV King. This mattress measures a spacious 72” x 80” inches. That’s just four inches narrower than a regular residential king mattress. They are the biggest of the RV size mattresses and provide plenty of room for two adults. And, if you want you could even squeeze a third body in there. An RV king comfortably sleeps three children.

RV Eastern King Mattress

The eastern king adds an additional 4” inches to the width of a standard RV king mattress. These mattresses measure a whopping 76” x 80” inches. If you want a mattress with maximum sleeping surface for you and your partner – this will do the trick. However, they are too big for most RVs and can only be used in the largest and most luxurious motorhomes.

RV California King Mattress

An RV California king adds four inches of additional length compared to the regular king. If you need some extra legroom, these are a great choice. An RV California king measures 72” x 84” inches. They are great for taller individuals and motorhomes that can accommodate 84” inches of mattress length.

Can You Use a Regular Mattress in an RV?

Yes, you can use a regular mattress in an RV if the mattress comfortably fits the bed space. It all comes down to dimensions and fit. The best way to figure out if a mattress will fit in an RV is to measure the bed space available and compare this to the dimensions of the mattress.

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Bear in mind that RVs are mobile vehicles so the mattress should fit neatly in the space provided to prevent it from sliding around. You should also consider the weight of the mattress. Some regular mattresses, such as hybrids, are very heavy and are not a great choice for an RV.

Finally, RV mattresses and regular mattresses are different sizes. For example, an RV queen is slightly smaller than a regular-sized queen mattress. More on this below. So, the best course of action is to measure the dimensions of the bed space and compare these against the mattress before you attempt to manhandle it into position.

Are RV Mattresses and Regular Mattresses the Same Size?

No, RV mattresses and regular mattresses are not the same size. Take note – although they use the same names such as King and Queen – RV mattresses and regular mattresses do not measure up. It can get a little confusing but in simple terms, RV mattresses are slightly smaller.

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For example, an RV king measures 72” X 80” inches while a regular king-sized mattress measures 76″ x 80″ inches. And, an RV queen measures 60” by 75” inches while a regular queen mattress is 60” by 80” inches. The RV mattresses are slightly smaller in length to accommodate the restricted space in an RV.

For a simple overview of the dimensions of regular mattresses check out our Bed Size Comparison Chart.


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What’s the difference between an RV mattress and a regular mattress?

RV mattresses are smaller than regular mattresses. The mattresses have more compact dimensions to fit them into the restricted space of an RV bed frame.

What dimensions are used for RV size mattresses?

RV size mattresses are measured in inches. They are measured from side to side for width and from top to bottom for length. This gives a measurement in inches of width x length. For example, an RV twin mattress’s dimensions are 28” wide x 75” inches long.

How do you find the right size mattress for an RV?

To find the right size mattress for an RV, measure the bed frame using a measuring tape and compare the dimensions against the RV mattress sizes described above.


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